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Harry Roque REJECTED!

Harry Roque Rejected banner

Saturday, 13 November 2021

On November 12 the UN General Assembly elected 34 members of the International Law Commission. We are happy to report that Harry Roque failed to garner enough votes to gain a seat at the prestigious global institution.

The outcome of the election is as follows:

Asia-Pacific States (8 seats)

  • Number of ballot papers: 193
  • Number of invalid ballot papers: 2
  • Number of valid ballot papers: 191
  • Abstentions: 0
  • Number of members present and voting: 191
  • Required simple majority of members present and voting: 96
Candidates (Nationality) Nominated by No of votes Outcome
Mr. Patel, Bimal N. (India) India 163 Elected
Ms. Mangklatanakul, Vilawan (Thailand) Thailand 162 Elected
Mr. Asada, Masahiko (Japan) Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 154 Elected
Mr. Nguyen, Hong Thao (Viet Nam) Viet Nam 145 Elected
Mr. Huang, Huikang (China) China 142 Elected
Mr. Lee, Keun-Gwan (Republic of Korea) Republic of Korea 140 Elected
Mr. Mavroyiannis, Andreas D. (Cyprus) Cyprus 139 Elected
Mr. Tsend, Munkh-Orgil (Mongolia) Mongolia 123 Elected
Mr. Ziadé, Nassib G. (Lebanon) Lebanon, Bahrain 119 Not elected
Mr. Pieris, Mohan (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka 112 Not elected
Mr. Roque, Herminio Harry L. (Philippines) Philippines 87 Not elected
Mr. Azimov, Mirvokhid (Uzbekistan) Uzbekistan –*  
* Withdrew prior to election


This campaign owes its victory to your participation especially those who signed onto the online petition as well as those who disseminated the signature campaign.

The final result of our online petition is as follows:

  • 315 local, regional, national and international organizations signed the petition
  • 29,014 individuals from 99 countries signed to join our call.

Prior to the ILC election, iDefend also joined the International Truth and Justice Project in solidarity with its campaign to reject the Sri Lankan nominee, Mohan Peiris who likewise failed to gain a seat at the ILC. A livestream program was held by iDefend to discuss the campaigns against both these nominees. (Watch it on Facebook or YouTube.)

Congratulations on a successful campaign! Let's keep pushing back and continue to defend human rights!