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Civil society groups including iDEFEND, PAHRA, BALAY, PHILRIGHTS have come together, envisioning a more inclusive, empowering, gender and age-sensitive drug policy for the Philippines. We believe harm reduction is at the forefront of creating change with realistic, pragmatic and effective solutions. Join our cause towards the safety, health and well-being of every Filipino.

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FMA: The need for national ID must be pitted against legitimate dangers

A national ID system is a State apparatus often used to verify the identities of individuals who avail of public services or engage in certain public transactions.1 Under a typical system, a person is assigned an ID number at birth or upon reaching the legal age. It usually covers a country’s citizens, although resident foreigners have also been included from time to time.

The experience of countries that have adopted such a system shows varying outcomes—not all, suffice to say, turned out okay.

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