Noong ika-21 ng Setyembre 1972, pormal na idineklara ng dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos ang pagtatatag ng diktadura sa Pilipinas.

Napabagsak ang diktadura noong 1986 subalit pinalitan lamang ito ng isang huwad na “demokrasya” na nagkubli lang sa patuloy na pamamayagpag ng mga panginoong maylupa at mga kapitalista.

Ngayon, 46 na taon mula nang idineklara ni Marcos ang batas militar, itinatayo at pinagtitibay namang muli ni Pangulong Duterte ang mas lantad na diktadura.

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Duterte SONA: Empty Gains, More Bloodshed

Expect the bloodshed to continue.

President Duterte has only confirmed what we already know to be true: that the drug war is relentless in its disregard for due process and rule of law, and chilling in the unprecedented level of violence and impunity. His campaign against drugs has failed to solve the drug problem as it has yet to jail big drug personalities and stop the flow of drugs into the country. What is clear is that the widespread terror caused is wielded as a weapon by Duterte to impose his own design of authoritarian rule.

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2018 State of the Nation: Duterte’s Charter change facilitates authoritarian rule

The House of Representatives is rushing to change the 1987 Constitution in order to impose a Federalized system of government that will institutionalize President Duterte’s authoritarian regime- despite an increasing number of Filipinos opposed to Chacha (Charter change). In a recent survey of Pulse Asia, Filipinos are more concerned with their health, labor contractualization (ENDO), and increased prices of food, transportation, electricity, water and petrol due to the TRAIN law. The survey also revealed there is very little public knowledge or understanding about Federalism.

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Statement Against Arbitrary Arrest of Minors Under “Oplan Tambay”

We, the organisations named below, make this statement to express our serious alarm about the widespread arbitrary arrests of children taking place throughout the Philippines under the ‘Oplan Tambay’ project of the Philippine government.

We note that President Duterte issued a directive that children found loitering be arrested for their protection, even if they have not committed any crime.(1) We further note that in the execution of Oplan Tambay in Cebu Province, minors violating curfew ordinances have been the largest group arrested.(2) We note that in the City of Manila, there is a drive to achieve ‘zero street children’ which is leading to large numbers of children being arbitrarily removed from public spaces.(3)

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