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To Protect Filipino Seafarers, the Philippine Government must call for stronger measures towards a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza Now!

True Confidence

Saturday, 9 March 2024

To this day since November 19, 2023, when the cargo vessel Galaxy Leader was seized by the Houthis, 17 Filipino member of the ship's crew are still being held in Yemen.

In their most recent attack, the Houthis launched a ballistic missile that struck another ship named True Confidence and killed three seafarers, two of whom are Filipinos, and injured four others.

As tensions in the Middle East escalate due to Israel's continuing war crimes, innocent global citizens including Filipino seafarers, who are only trying to earn a living, will continue to be at risk as long as the Gaza war continues.

It is in the interest of the Pilipino people for the Philippine Government to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. Last December the Philippines voted in favor of a United Nations General Assembly urging an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza strip. The government must express a stronger message that only a ceasefire will ensure the safety of our nationals.

A permanent ceasefire in Gaza will put an end to Houthi attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea thereby ensuring the safety of seafarers that has to go through the area.

No To War!
Protect Filipino Seafarers!
The Philippine Government must call for Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza Now!