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iDefend Condemns Israel War Crimes

End the occupation of Palestine now!

Monday, 23 October 2023

In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND) vehemently condemns the unabated bombings of Gaza and the attacks on its civilian population including the bombing of the Al-Ahli Hospital last week, and continued threats to target civilian establishments, especially hospitals. These acts including ongoing raids and killings in Ramallah, East Jerusalem and the  West Bank amounts to crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Israel on the Palestinian people.

We call on the International Criminal Court to immediately launch an investigation into these incidents, even as the United Nations Security Council failed to secure a vote towards enforcing vital humanitarian intervention.

The United States and its Western allies share criminal responsibilities, complicit in supporting Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, since 1948. For 55 years, Palestine has existed under what the UN Special Rapporteur called institutionalized apartheid. As an occupying force with superior war capability, Israel’s false claim of self-defence has unleashed disproportionate and indiscriminate violence and destruction in Gaza, which, even before the attacks, was subjected to 16 years of blockade - an open air prison that prevented its inhabitants from leaving the Strip.

While iDEFEND condemns HAMAS’ killing of 1400 civilians including a Filipino nurse last October 7th, this never justifies the horrific response by Israel, which has outraged the world.

President Marcos Jr. thanked the Israeli ambassador for securing the safety of overseas Filipinos trapped in the siege, however, by promising to stand by Israel against HAMAS, he continues to put Filipino lives in danger. The Philippines should condemn the relentless bombardment of Gaza, and call for a lasting solution to this decades-long conflict.

iDEFEND supports the call of the UN independent experts for an immediate “truce and urge the international community to address the root causes of violence”. We also urge the release of hostages taken by HAMAS and Israel, and the securing of a humanitarian corridor into Gaza.

iDEFEND lends its voice to the global community to unite against the Zionist state of Israel and call for an end to its occupation of Palestine.


WARNING: Images may be disturbing.