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“COMELEC must address rights violations and investigate allegations of irregularities” - iDEFEND

COMELEC must address rights violations and investigate allegations of irregularities - iDEFEND

Monday, 16 May 2022

One of the most divisive electoral exercises in the country has been concluded with a potential landslide win handed to the late dictator’s son and his running mate, the outgoing President’s daughter.

Marcos’ apparent victory based on unofficial results, was built on the foundations of massive disinformation, collaboration with political dynasties, relentless red tagging, and widespread, unchecked vote buying. Reports of voter intimidation, violence, defective VCMs, and violation of election laws such as the distribution of sample ballots remain largely unaddressed. These incidents have resulted in the violation of the people’s right to suffrage as COMELEC’s willingness and ability to investigate them are increasingly being questioned.

More urgently confronting us however, is the potential return of the Marcos-Duterte tandem to Malacañang, which seriously jeopardizes the few gains of democracy in the last 35 years. A Marcos-Duterte governance spells the re-traumatization of thousands of victims of human rights violations under the Marcos dictatorship and Duterte’s war on drugs and war on dissent. Far from exacting accountabilities for grievous crimes against the people, this “riding-in-tandem” solidifies a regime of corruption, treason, disinformation and brutal repression over a span of more than a decade.

There’s a strong sense of foreboding as well over the continued plunder of our natural resources for corporate profits, crony capitalism and deepening of economic inequalities and social injustices.

iDefend was established in 2016 to confront Duterte’s impending bloody war on the poor. In the face of an imminent human rights catastrophe we renew our commitment to defend freedom, equality and human rights for all. We stand with our history of resistance and revolution. We shall overcome to fight for a future where every Filipino lives with respect and dignity.