Reported revocation of PAHRA SEC registration a gag order - iDEFEND

Government propaganda machine Philippine News Agency is misleading the public and falsely reported that PAHRA’s operation as NGO is illegal because its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration has been revoked. In its continuing attack on civil society, the Duterte administration, now through the SEC named PAHRA along with other human rights and sectoral organizations as communist supporters.

In fact, the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates re-filed and was duly registered again with the SEC since 2010 and this registration information is publicly available. It has been operating legally without encumbrances save for those which government levies on its critics. PAHRA has served for more than thirty years empowering sectors and grassroots communities to improve their lives through human rights advocacy. It has worked with the international community to strengthen human rights implementation and accountability worldwide; and cooperated with academic, legal, and government agencies including the Commission on Human Rights on numerous projects.

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#KarapatDapat na agenda ang disenteng trabaho at tuldukan ang ENDO

Pahayag ng iDEFEND at PAHRA sa pandaigdigang araw ng Paggawa

Ayon sa Philippine Statistics Office mahigit 2 milliong Pilipino ang walang trabaho sa nakaraang taon. Higit 75% nito ay nasa edad na 15 to 34 taon. Ang pinakamalaking bahagi ng mga manggagawa ang nasa sektor ng services at pangangalakal, pangalawang pinakamalaki ang nasa agrikultura at pangatlo ang nasa industrya. Higit sa kalahati ng namamasukan sa 31,277 establisyamento ang kontraktual o sadlak sa trabahong “endo”.

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ICC exit removes protection for Filipinos-iDEFEND

The Philippines’ withdrawal from its membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC) means that an important legal mechanism enforcing some of the most advanced international cooperation for justice will be out of reach for Filipinos, especially those working in dangerous and conflict-ridden countries.

Although withdrawing from the ICC will have no effect on the cases of extrajudicial killings brought before it, President Duterte nevertheless sacrificed international legal protection for all Filipinos in a bid to save himself from prosecution. In the event of international terrorist attacks on Philippine soil, in the event of Chinese military aggression, and in the event that overseas Filipinos including peace keepers, are captured or killed in crossfires in conflict zones, the Filipino people would have had the best means to pursue justice.

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Sri Lanka stands to lose in a Philippines-style Drug War

Photo credit: Philippine Human Rights Information Center (Philrights)

In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND) expressed alarm over the approval of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena of the government's war on drugs and saying he would like to adopt the same method in his country.

Ms. Judy Pasimio, spokesperson for iDEFEND said this means that the Sri Lankan president is prepared to take on the gruesome atrocities that have brought the Philippines before the International Criminal Court's scrutiny.

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